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All candidates for Council were invited to provide 200 word answers to 8 questions on current local issues.

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Flyer from Concerned Citizens of Mission Viejo DATE:October 18, 2022 TO:All Mission Viejo Voters FROM: A Group of Concerned Mission Viejo Citizens RE:November 2022 City Council Elections We wanted to alert you to what has been happening with the MV City Council elections. The current Council members have done everything possible, including illegal actions, to extend their time in office. Three Council members, Ed Sachs, Greg Raths, and Wendy Bucknum, who were elected for two years in 2018, extended their terms without a vote of the public for two years beyond 2020. OC Superior Court Judge Schwarm recently ruled that these three Council members were guilty of illegally extending their terms and should be removed from office by September 30, 2022. The City appealed the ruling at the end of September, but Schwarm’s decision still stands until and unless overturned. Following in the footsteps of the first three Council members, Trish Kelley and Brian Goodell, who were also elected for two years in November 2020, then passed a resolution to extend their own terms for an additional two years to November 2024. Judge Schwarm also ruled that terms for Kelley and Goodell could not be extended. Now all five of these Council members are running and asking for your vote in the November 2022 election! Under the Mission Viejo Council section of the recently mailed ballot for the November 2022 election, you will find the candidate names for your district. Our strong recommendation is that you NOT vote for any of the incumbents, but instead select other new candidates running in your district. We encourage you to pass this information on to your friends and neighbors who might not be aware of the situation with the Mission Viejo City Council elections. For all the details of the illegal Council actions and more, go to this website: This flyer was not prepared, distributed, or funded by any campaign.

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